• Learn the secrets of sales to take your personality to the next level!.
  • The only limitation to your personal success is the limit you imagine!.


  • Learn about success as a mindset rather than things you’ve done!.
  • Wire your mind and never worry about how to succeed!.


  • Get to know how you’ve been selling your entire life, you just didn’t know it!.
  • Master the art of pitching in easy steps!.
  • Learn how to meet customers and make them loyal!.
  • Become a successful salesperson in no time!.


  • Find out exactly how easy it is to get the money flowing for you!.
  • There is never a shortage of ideas for generating money!.
  • Learn how to make money follow YOU!.

Retail Sales Opening The Door to Prosperity!


  • Want a career not a job ?

  • Are you laid off ?

  • Just graduated and lost ?

  • Struggling to make ends meet ?

  • Bored with your current life ?

  • Are you unemployed?

  • Are you working at a job you hate?

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  • Maybe just want a fresh start.

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About $elling Equal$ Dollar$

Are you at a point where success, peace and calm seem like a distant dream? Are you just not being able to earn to enjoy some well-deserved comfort? Look no further! $elling Equal$ Dollar$ is all about taking control of your life and getting money to come after YOU! Learn how to rewire your mind and become an expert salesman. If you’re thinking that I’m not a Sales person, you couldn’t be more wrong. You’ve been selling ever since you started communicating with people. You’ve been selling your opinions, and you’ve been selling yourself. And if you have people around you, you’ve been successful at Sales! This book will teach you to reframe your mind and then the journey to making money and becoming a successful salesman will be but a few steps!

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